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Take These Bills And Shove IT! We AIN'T TAKIN IT NO MORE!

By Donie Vanitzian (View author info)
Sacramento, California -

URGENT - HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATION HOMEOWNERS AND CURRENT AND PROSPECTIVE PROPERTY OWNERS! There is currently loads of housing and other legislation spinning its way through the California Legislature. BE INFORMED!! Your Pocketbook depends upon it. It seems like more and more legislation these days is designed to extract more and more money from "Joe Taxpayer". Hold your legislator accountable!

The following flyer representing 33,000 unit owners in a 60 page fax apparently hit the California Senate and Assembly hard!!

Take These Bills And Shove IT! We AIN'T TAKIN IT NO MORE!

These are BAD BILLS !

NO on Senate Bill 670 L LOU CORREA, DIST. 34

NO on Senate Bill 948 L TOM HARMAN, DIST. 35.

NO on Senate Bill 127 L SHIELA KUEHL, DIST. 23

NO on Senate Bill 528 L SAM AANESTAD, DIST. 4

NO on Assembly Bill 563 L MICHAEL VILLINES. DIST. 29

NO on Assembly Bill 567 L LORI SALDANA, DIST. 76

NO on Assembly Bill 952 L GENE MULLIN, DIST. 19

NO on Assembly Bill 980 L CHARLES CALDERON, DIST. 58




Donie Vanitzian, co-author of the book "Villa Appalling! Destroying the Myth of Affordable Community Living and author of The California Common Interest Development - Homeowner's Guide", wrote the following regarding the shenanigans of bad bills and how they morph and materialize into something other than what people thought they would be.

They slammed the legislators with 33,000 unit signatures and a 60 page fax opposing bad bills (see below). Lou Correa's SB670 was successfully defeated.

1. Management companies and industry parasites have perfected the art of writing such bills so they APPEAR AS IF THEY ARE GOING TO BE HELPFUL TO OWNERS when they are not.

2. Lobbyists (the majority of lobbyists are lawyers) have perfected drafting bills that SOUND as if they are helpful and useful, BUT ARE ANYTHING BUT THAT. [that's the problem with these eight bills, they sound great, but they suck] Only a lawyer would know the legal effect such bills will have on individual property owner rights.

3. Unlike some of the other bills the industry has been successful in passing under the radar, these particular bills are tandem bills - they piggyback onto each other, meaning, they are far more insidious - if one bill fails, its wicked sister picks up and propagates right where the other left off. An unsuspecting public would likely not catch these problems, and that's just the way the drafters of the bills like it.

These bills place liens on property - not just CID property - and the liens live forever in perpetuity. The money extracted from the liens is extracted EVERY TIME A TRANSACTION RELATED TO THE PROPERTY IS CONDUCTED -- wait here's the rest of the bad news -- the money goes to the developer, OR groups like tree huggers and environmentalist groups and affordable housing groups and homeless groups and g-d knows what else kind of groups -- you don't get a tax write off, you can't fight it, you just have to pay. They can take upwards of 15% on UP of any of your property transactions and divert the money to whoever is listed on the lien. So, if the developer wants income for life on that empty lot even, he gets it. He can foreclose on you if you don't pay. Its really worse than this, but that's the shorthand version.

4. Unlike other industry bills, these bill affect commerce i.e., sales - i.e. REAL ESTATE SALES AND REAL ESTATE SALESPERSONS. This is a bit unusual because the California Association of Realtors (CAR) is sponsoring much of these. Over the weekend I was flooded with angry letters from real estate agents and brokers who were blitz-e-mailed a dose of hysteria by CAR "instructing" agents and brokers to contact special 1-800 numbers to REGISTER SUPPORT FOR THESE BILLS.

Many real estate agents and brokers unfortunately, did not read the bills, and accepted the fact that CAR was representing their interests. When they found out that was not the case, they were red hot damn mad as hell. These bills will increase liability, lawsuits, and other problems for real estate professionals. It will also make the home sale excruciatingly difficult for anyone who is not a lawyer. Most real estate professionals are not lawyers.

5. Sponsors of such bills have also perfected the art of "amending" these bills in order to get them passed by garnering owner approval of the final version -> BUT, once they pass, the "amendment" is waiting in the wings and the FIRST INSIDUOUS VERSION IS REINSTATED! In 3 words, we get screwed. Owners who purchase residential deed-restricted properties in common interest developments are never "safe." It has become impossible to let your hair down and relax with all of these deceitful and prejudicial actions going on behind our backs that serve to do nothing more than cost us money, relegate our purchases to a sub-class category compared to others, and disenfranchise our rights.

Constituents of these legislators should be informed! Contact them and let your voice be heard!

California State Legislators


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