Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Smiling George Martin

A copy of the open letter and Smiling George Martin's statement were promised to my mother since Therese wasn't at the June meeting. Marguerite Price did not even have the courtesy of ringing my mother's door bell and handing the letter to her. My mother found it on the ground at her door step. Since her front gate is always locked, it had to be thrown there. Is this any way for a Board of Directors to do business with titleholders?

wall of Shame
signatures on petition circulated by George Martin

* George Martin Elyce Elyra Ardine Young
* Jeanie Vasquez Hilda Jensen Laura Keyes
* Judy Smith Janice E. Long Marjorie Chase
* Marguerite Price Angelo Longo Janice Bell
* Pat Flecky Judy Appell Toyoko Shafer
* Ann O Dubois Diana Ward Anna May Welsh
* Dollie D. Learn Frieda Prushansky
* Lione S. Ried Vernon Anas Shirley Burger
* Arthur Ortiz Edward M. Gross Kathie Atwell
* Marie Southard Luela Schuelky Barbara M. Neiier
* Jacquelyn Stephener Stephen Eliseudo Katherine Helms
* Wren Lane Marvan Hothan Liz Busch
* Dorothy Gray Marion Woods Eula Comyns
* Roger Hirth Edward Kuta Rosemary Allinson
* Gwen Long Lillian Diefenndorf Vaela Johnson
* Mary Kuenzie Helen Smith Alora Lee Bobzien
* Carolyn Smith Nancy Conz Robert Roner

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