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Stop Shoving the Facts Under the Bed

Stop Shoving the Facts Under the Bed

Recently there was an article in The Californian about the SCCA recall movement organized and led by a small group of residents who supported the old finally departed SCCA regime. The article is well written pablum. Both sides of the recall effort conspicuosly ignored the real and heinous problems of members of SCCA. Both sides via Brian's writing painted a false portrait of a illegal 55+ community, owning property at bargain prices, living happily ever after as if in Camelot. They carefully avoided why Christine McReynolds was terminated, or why Donald Miller is still in charge of codes compliance, that only 10% of the over 5000 members actually use the undefined services SCCA offers for its "terrific price of $291 per year." Both sides ignored mentioning all the law suits SCCA has on going against its members for such trivia as falsely accusing members of having under age children living with them or operating a home business, or other harmless to any one accusations. Both sides ignore the fact that the way Sun City is designed, it is stupid to even have a civic association. Why aren't the real facts discussed and exposed? Tidy little statements about the value of a 55+ community are made while ignoring the price every member has to pay for it--like invasion of privacy, violation of member's Constitutional rights, being spied upon via the mail, having to report to the office every two years. keeping of property values down*, or abuse of senior citizens by SCCA management in the name of "codes enforcement". (However in Riverside County neither the judicial system nor residents seem to think violating resident's Constitutional rights is too important). Why doesn't Brian write about the real issues in SCCA?

Information Requested from Attorneys and from the Public
Los Angeles, California

The Law Offices of Gottschalk & Associates announced today that it is launching a RICO investigation of attorneys and management companies for homeowners associations in California.

RICO stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Congress initially passed this legislation to combat organized crime. However, subsequent Federal and State case law has significantly expanded the use of the RICO Act.

There is an existing complaint in the Orange County Superior Court under the RICO Act and other claims that is set for trial in July 2007 against the law firm of Swedelson & Gottlieb, David Swedelson and Sandra Gottlieb individually, Association Lien Services and others. The complaint has been sustained against demurrer. Gottschalk & Associates have been retained to file a further potential RICO Act complaint, including other claims against Swedelson & Gottlieb. Attorneys who have knowledge of potential RICO Act claims or any other claims or who have filed such claims against Swedelson & Gottlieb are requested to contact Gottschalk & Associates.

Homeowners who currently live or formerly lived in homeowners' associations that have information of potential claims against Swedelson & Gottlieb and Peters & Freedman are requested to forward debt collection letters, bills for excessive fees not due and copies of their complaints and lawsuits and to advise whether you wish to be considered as a Plaintiff Class Representative in a class action. Homeowners who already are represented by an attorney are requested to have their attorneys contact Gottschalk and Associates with the information.

Gottschalk & Associates has pending cases representing homeowners against homeowners associations or their representatives in California. If you have information you believe could be valuable to the investigation please contact Gottschalk & Associates.

Gottschalk & Associates will treat all information as confidential. Please fax your information and supporting documents for this investigation toll free to Gottschalk & Associates at:

Fax 877-284-3067

Gottschalk & Associates
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The Communist Revolution in America

HOA 'Communities' Fit Clear Communist Doctrines

May 03, 2007

By Linda Gehring
Copyright Linda Gehring
Phoenix, Arizona -

In furtherance of the Constitutional positions taken previously with respect to the 'new' form of government almost 50 million Americans are now subjected to due to city/state/developer mandates sweeping across the nation, and especially after the New Jersey Twin Rivers case in which the CAI (Community Association Institute) submitted its amicus curai brief to the New Jersey Supreme Court in support of the 'voluntary' removal of Constitutional free speech provisions due to their purported 'voluntary' purchase of an HOA controlled property, please note below the unconstitutional form of government our cities/states have treasonously created with government initiation and support of these communities throughout the nation:

com•mu•nism (k m y -n z m)
1. A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.
2. Communism
a. A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.

Insofar, then, of then even supporting Constitutional citizens provisions for the 'redress' of grievances to our government for these blatant treasonous acts, you might also find the article posted on the Jail4Judges website with respect to 'sovereign immunity' and the judiciary also of interest. It can be viewed at

Wake up, America........our government under its current leadership is now a law unto themselves, and apathy and acquiescence is not going to change the dangerous path that is now becoming almost irreversible.

Write your U.S. Congressmen and state legislators today, that this is unacceptable, and a violation of their sacred duty and blatant violation of their oaths of office.

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