Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Latest News in Menifee Valley

From now on this section is going to deal with events that cover other issues in Sun City/Menifee Valley

Sadly, there is a spirit of lawlessness in Riverside County from the average residents, to business people, to residents in HOA's, to Chambers to the judicial systems & judges, and so on, & on & on. Because of this many, many people get used, abused and harmed in countless ways. Often it is met with apathy by those who didn't get hurt at that time and fail to recognize how vulnerable they are if they persist supporting unethical people. There seems to be neither concern nor protection from the blatant "giving the bird " to our integrity and laws by the large amount of unscrupulous characters who want power over you and me. Therefore, I feel if they want to behave recklessly than they should be exposed. Exposed not to obtain revenge but exposed so other unsuspecting innocent people don't get hurt. After all, what walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck may be a rattle snake. How will they be recognized if not exposed.

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Good & Bad Guys

SCCA Thugs continue their harassment in 2006

The 2006 harassment by SCCA has already begun. It has started with their over zealous efforts in demanding residents show proof of age to comply with "Federal Guide lines" to maintain their dubious 55+ status. They not only want every resident's proof of age but they want every resident's visitor's proof of age. If you advise Christine McReynold's that you have a visitor and not a resident, she will indirectly call you a liar and "pass it on to Donald Miller to have him confirm it." Then they will send one of the SCCA thugs to harass a resident threatening to call the police if the person has the temerity to tell them to get lost. Do you really believe Federal Guide Lines expect any HOA to use that much diligence in confirming the age of residents and their visitors? After all, they are "Guide Lines" and not order or directives. Isn't it comforting that they treat us as if we are all liars and criminals. We who are no more than senior citizens trying to live our golden years in peace and happiness. (See letter from me to Paul Morrisey 2/21/06 in the abuse stories continued section.)

Christine McReynolds,has been terminated. "
The new board did their job with Christine. The next on the list to be terminated is Donald Miller, the law firm and the rest of the rude & ignorant group. At last, Donald Miller has been fired. That leaves on Epsten, Grinnel, and Howell to scratch off the tyrant's list.
The Paul Morrisey group have assumed their new positions--but Donald Miller is still harassing us while getting paid with funds stolen from the residents.

Does this Group (The Old Guard) Condone Senior Abuse?

There is an ignorant group who is trying to recall the new SCCA Board because they fired Christine McReynolds. They are the same people in the same 20-year-old clique who have been running Sun City. They are old, tired, and very self righteous. Their psychology is a curiosity to me. The facts, track record, and first witness accounts of SCCA's past abusive, horrendous management under Christine McReynolds have been more than substantiated by this membership. Does this group believe these abuses against seniors did not occur or does this group approve of the abusive practices? Or does it just don't care ? Either way members should quake in their socks with the knowledge there are so many mean spirited people in SCCA membership who would want a return of the evil we just terminated.

The other issue I have with this group is they are dishonest. They put out fliers claiming to be an SCCA committee leading unsuspecting members to think they are part of SCCA management. They are not. Except for a couple of names that have come forward, they work mostly in the closet, sneaky and underhanded. Are these the kind of people we would want to have any authority or control over us? They have been jaded for so long they have lost their ability to recognize right from wrong.

By the way this recall group is made up of the same 10% of SCCA membership who have been the "good ole boys' club" who have used the facilities, played cards, and generally "hung" together keeping the same obnoxious seven people on the board for the past 20 years. Is it any surprise they are filled with sour grapes and want a return of their "power". These are the same turkeys who have been enjoying SCCA facilities to the exclusion of the 90% have been paying dues to support. They don't want to lose their cash cow and have to pay for SCCA facilities themselves.

Sun City is designated a blighted area by the County!

New board or not, the only hope for Sun City to rid itself of this tyranny is to totally dissolve SCCA.

Just because there is now a"new board' doesn't absolve the malfeasance and crimes committed by the old board against the SCCA members. They still must be held accountable if Sun City is to heal and grow healthy.

Bullet Proof Lucite Wall

The bullet proof wall is the silent testimony to very bad management. It symbolizes to Sun City Core Residents what The Berlin Wall symbolized to the world. What is wrong with this picture?

What about that $26,000-light-the-lawn-bowling-green-fiasco?

"Stupid is what stupid does." Forrest Gump

Ex-Governor Gray Davis, your work is not yet done

Please correct the errors of the Davis Stirling Act

July 11, 2006

By Melvyn Klein
Los Angeles, California -


Dear ex-Governor Gray Davis:

What prompts this letter is the article written about you in the Los Angeles Times last week. You are quoted as saying that you are proud of your public service, and you believe that overall, your contribution was a positive one. I do not doubt that you feel that way, and moreover, I believe your underlying motivation was to do good.

But there is still more you can do, that rightly falls to you to do. It has to do with legislation to which your name is attached: the Davis Stirling act.

The conditions in Community Interest Developments, Condos and Coops, are incredibly scandalous. These are literally criminal enterprises in some cases, and yet there is little reasonable recourse open to homeowners. Lawsuits are forbiddingly expensive, particularly when the opposing party, the Board and management, is spending your money to defend themselves.

Associated with these conditions is an environment of corruption extending to accountants, auditors, attorneys, contractors, and even government and law enforcement. I think that there is in this a very real danger to society at large.

There are two fundamental problems that need to be addressed:

First, there is no mechanism to enforce laws governing Common Interest Developmentss.

Second, because elections are controlled by the Boards and Management of the Associations, it can be nearly impossible to remove an abusive Board, and, in fact, the worse they are, the more contemptuous of the law they happen to be, the harder it can be to remove them.

Laws have to be changed to correct this, and good ideas to accomplish this are not hard to devise.

Some complaints could be handled in Small Claims Court, with enforcement authority. There could be legislation that would place the conduct of Board elections in the hands of independent third parties when conditions warranted.

Yet any and all efforts to achieve this are met with lobbying by attorneys and homeowner association managers, who benefit from the chaotic situation, and the legal work it brings about.

Because Davis Stirling is an element of your legacy, it would be very fitting and proper if you became involved once again to make things right. Your work is not yet done.


Melvyn Klein
Santa Monica, California 90402