Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whispered Rumors

Chew on these. Fact or Fiction?

People who love "deed restricted" communities place controlling their neighbors above theirs Constitutional rights.  They would rather see a senior move to a convalescent hospital or drop dead  than live on a block with a house in need of landscaping or minor repair. These "good" people would never consider offering some hands on help to the failing senior. They are too busy imagining their property values are increasing--which they are not.  These same people continually vote against their own best interest.  They are aiders and abettors of their own tyranny.People who love HOA's are people who imagine themselves above reproach, therefore they have the right to control the rest of the membership--you and me.

First it was said the sale of Corbett Park was approved by only one vote. When I published that information on the web site they published some idiotic numbers claiming that was the vote count. How can we believe them? They can't even get their lies straight.

When the Civic Association assumed management of Sun City from the Del Web Corporation in the mid '60's, it was required the CC&R's be put to the membership for vote. It is said it was never done. Is it possible the CC&R's with which residents have been badgered are not legal? Is this why the board put them on the special election ballot?


By SCCA's board own admission there have been death threats, irate people that border upon violence. This would never happen if they properly managed our business. The bullet proof wall is a silent monument to SCCA's mismanagement. This wall symbolizes to Sun city residents what the Berlin wall symbolized to the world. Dissolve SCCA and take down the bullet proof wall. The end of tyranny is now!

It cost $87,097 of membership dues for the salaries of three code' enforcement officers to process approximately 1500 alleged CC&R violators over the height of their oleander bushes, visitors ages, location of trash cans, calling California poppies weeds, and general harassment over trivia. How many residents actually cared whether or not the oleander bushes were 12" higher than the CC&R limit? You can add to that the cost of writing letters and postage. Sun City is a designated blighted area. Other than the codes enforcement officers creating a self perpetuating payroll, what did the members of S.C. Core get for their $87,000 but harassment and intimidation?

When Sun City was first developed by Del Web, it was an adult community only. It wasn't until Jean Roberge petitioned residents door to door that it became a 55+ senior community. Wouldn't it be great if the age limit were dropped.

If people who file CC&R complaints against their neighbor, know they would be identified to the neighbor, 80% of the frivolous complaints would never occur. What these puny people don't realize is the alleged miscreant already knows who complained.

The arrogance of the board never ceases to amaze me. After all that has been exposed about them and their very bad management, they haven't showed one sign of willingness to take a single corrective measure--like terminating Donald Miller, reviewing the CC& R's in order to diminish the stupid and trivial ones, or take a more compassionate attitude towards the core seniors. They absolutely refuse to admit they do anything wrong. That is what I call jaded.

Would someone please tell me what benefits 98% of the members receive from SCCA Home Owners Association for their $286 yearly dues? What supreme or not so supreme benefits do we get from this association? As far as the swimming pools and hobby shops, how many members actually use them? Why does the majority of members have to pay for the minority of users?

CC&R's were written by lawyers over 45 years ago based upon condominium standards. With a few exceptions, the majority of the membership is made up of single family detached homes. The condominiums have their own separate home owners association that work for their homeowners. Most of the issues in the CC&R'S are stupid, ridicules, invasive, too restrictrive, and violate human rights. The CC&R'S used by the SCCA are not divine. They are neither Gospel nor the Bible. What is created or written by man can be changed by man or members. The CC&R's have been the major source of conflicts between neighbors and the SCCA for years. They have been used as a sword and a whip against residents and made their lives a living hell. This has robbed members of the quiet enjoyment of their home. The SCCA claimed they do so to protect property values. This is a lie. Sun City is declared a blighted area. Under SCCA leadership, Sun City has gone down in value in relationship to the new communities that are built to our borders. It is time to put a moratorium on these stupid CC&R's and start planning to bring Sun City into the Twenty First Century and eventually the City of Menifee Valley.
A supporting SCCA member spoke at the August general membership meeting. He got up to make big points with the SCCA Board. He was such a good guy I wanted to invite him home for dinner. He proclaimed in very loud tones: "I don't get it. Rules are rules. Why can't everybody just obey the rules." It was a great thought and I agree with him. So why is it the SCCA Board fails to obey its own rules--rules such as the association laws and by laws, rules such as every American's constitutional rights. It's O.K. for them to break the rules, but they want members to vote them powers to penalize us for the smallest infraction of very arbitrary rules. Well, dear rule follower, you are right. Let's obey the rules starting with the SCCA board.

(sing to jingle bells)

Cityhood, Cityhood is on its way.

No more code compliance or SCCA

No more dues, no more fools

Trespassing in our yards

Cityhood, yes, you should

Send SCCA to Mars!

by Dete Shaw

Dissolve the SCCA. We do not need their management. They need our money.

The Issues - Sun City, Oppression City, Fear City

Since the mid '70's the residents of Sun City have been living behind an iron shroud of oppression. They have been told by the power players it is needed to protect their property values. For years the SCCA Board of directors have been running Sun City as they pleased with little to no opposition from its membership. The few brave souls who did oppose them were so crushed by the SCCA Board, they never raised a voice in oppostion again. This is why so many seniors live in fear of retaliation if they speak about their abuses.When I realized I could no longer ignore the oppressive action of this board, I knew I would have to find a way to crash through the iron shroud that has hung over the silent and defeated souls of the people of Sun City Core. Something had to come forward to give people hope again. That is when I created SHOUT. It worked and is working.

First, we must stop them from doing this. Second, we must join together in the single purpose of dissolving SCCA. Third, we must dissovle SCCA. It is time seniors stop living in oppression and fear.

Boycott CAI. Boycott CAI.

The CC&R's which control the SCCA Core are 45 years old. They are obsolete and in conflict with twentyfirst century life style. The CC&r's as they have been written are contradictory, vague, trivial, and left to interpretation of whomever? They have become a bone of contention among residents, and cause conflicts betweem members and the SCCA. The codes enforcement officer, Donald Miller, has used his position to excessively harass, intimidate and otherwise abuse the senior residents over alleged violations. Donald Miller abuses his power with the complete approval and support of the board.