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The most sacred status in life is the quiet enjoyment of your own home.

Action of second Continental Congress

July 4, 1776

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. . ."

Excerpts from the Preamble of the Bill of Rights

"Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppresion, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law, Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between. . .

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interferences with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interferences. . ."

Yellow house

The Greatest Legal Can of Worms Today--HOA's and their relatives

There are over 50,000,000 Americans living in HOA communites across the nation. Except for a handful of HOA communities, there is a constant war between members and their board of directors. HOA's, and their relatives ("CID's", "MPC's", etc.) are being defined and redfined every day. Every state is experiencing one kind or another amendment, bill, law, or definition regarding the rules of HOA's to govern its members. Most HOA's are simply too restrictive and invasive. They serve no real purpose other than to be self perpetuating at the expense of the American home owner. HOA's under corporate law have created a monumental legal can of worms in this country today. Nothing in mans' history has prepared the world for the legal conflicts that center around the laws of HOA's. AHRC is a web site that will keep you updated with the latest bills, legislature, and conlicts on the subject. It is a huge site with overwhelming abundance of information. Viewing this site is a must if you want to be informed about them.

There is nothing in America more sacred than the right of home owneship and the bundle of rights that are supposed to go with it. HOA's with their war chest of petty CC&R's and their unspoken but very real power of non judicial foreclosure have violated the most sacred of all American rights--the right to quiet enjoyment of one's own home. A man's home is his castle. Home is the sanctuary of the family. Home is where you can hang your head. There's no place like home. Home is the nest for a growing family. Home is family security and investment. Home is protection. Home is where the heart is. Home, sweet home! No HOA with its arsenal of CC&R's under the corporate legal umbrella should ever come between a family and its home in America or any where else. Home ownership is the foundation of this country. Home ownership is truly American.

AB 770 - the Gene Mullin California Law Revison Commission Fraud
NEWS TODAY: August 19, 2006

Tell your legislator and your governor to stop AB 770 by California Assemblymember Gene Mullin. For more see: No On AB 770 - A Conspiracy To Defraud California Homeowners

AB 770: A Conspiracy To Defraud California Homeowners [An Editorial]
Organizers of this conspiracy should be investigated
Aug 18, 2006 by AHRC News Services
Instead of genuine enforcement, lawmaker Gene Mullin, the Chair of the California Assembly Housing Committee, like many other chairs before him, is pushing another phony bill through the legislature that taxes homeowners, creates lucrative work for the lawyers and provides no benefits or law enforcement for the owner. Homeowners should demand that their lawmakers stop this bill. In addition, they should demand an investigation of all the lawyers, lawmakers, consultants and lobbyists who participated in the AB 770 conspiracy and used government offices and funds in order to defraud the public.
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California's AB770 & the CID Ombudsman [An Editorial]
Without enforcement, just more Smoke & Mirrors
Aug 19, 2006 by George K. Staropoli
What is the purpose of the CID Ombudsman proposed in AB770? From the wording of the bill, it would be another clerical, paper-shuffling bureaucratic function. Isn't CLRC supposed to be doing research on shortcomings of existing laws? After 40 years of homeowner oppression and abuse, AB770 wants the Ombudsman to now determine just what are the problems? In short, it would merely be a complaint desk to take the heat away from the legislators who continually refuse to sponsor CID reform bills of substance.
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California Law Revision Commission exceeding its Legislative Mandate? [An Article]
There are restrictions on CLRC legislative advocacy of bills
Aug 19, 2006 by George K. Staropoli
From the enabling statute, it appears that CLRC is indeed exceding its authority. It is limited to filing annual reports and making recommendations, and may only appear before a committee if requested by the committee. § 8293 requires CLRC to report on the topics and progress of its studies, the topics which have been given to it by the Legislature for study. CIDs is an approved topic.
Tell the legislature: We're Tired of the Drain on our Bank Accounts!

Aug 18, 2006 by Donie Vanitzian

Tell the legislature to stop AB 770 by Assemblymember Gene Mullin. We're Tired of the Drain on our Bank Accounts! Mullin and his aider and abettor legislator buddies are trying to ram this damn ombudsman down our throat. They make it sound innocuous, simple, and necessary, but the office and the bill itself is anything but simple, and it certainly is NOT free. PLEASE read my article NO! NO! NO! on this bill. KILL THIS BILL BEFORE IT KILLS US! Keep your money, don't give it to the state and don't give it to the homeowner association. It's time we stood up for our bank accounts and stopped the drain. It is critical for owners to write and tell the legislature WE DON'T WANT THIS BOGUS BILL AND WE DON'T WANT AN OMBUDSMAN.
NO! NO! NO! ON AB770 [An Article]
AB770 is SB551 in drag masquerading as CAI's full employment act
Jul 3, 2006 by Donie Vanitzian
DEED-RESTRICTED TITLES ARE INFERIOR TO ALL OTHER TITLES The message is clear: Do not buy a condominium, townhouse, co-operative, mobile home, or single-family dwelling if it is located in a common interest development, has a homeowners association, and a board of directors. Don't do it. If you have a deed-restriction on your title, sell and get the hell out while you are able. That is, before this legislature passes more bad bills and you are stuck paying for their mistakes and it becomes impossible to extricate yourself from this type of property ownership. If the legislators are serious about giving owners a bill of rights, they need not look far. By supporting bad bills, owners are asking for "Folsom Prison CC&Rs." As with much of the bad bills we are witnessing making it to the California Assembly and Senate floors, AB770 is inconsistent with good government.
America's Worst Enemies
Mar 10, 2006 by Robert Bagely
The U.S. National Debt Clock by Ed Hall publisher of of shows, moment by moment, how much debt is owed by the United States.
America is under attack from many sources, but the most dangerous and insidious is one that lies within, because the people have entrusted their well-being to that source - the political, business and judicial power structure that governs this country. There are a few exceptions, of course, but by and large, this power structure has done more damage to this country than any other enemy - and they continue to do damage at an unprecedented rate. It is these people who have saddled the people of America with the most staggering debt in history - almost $8.2 trillion dollars - and the president wants to raise the debt ceiling even further. The current president has heaped more debt on us than all other presidents combined. He will eventually ride off into the sunset to his ranch, but we will have to pay the bill. Another example is a piece of legislation introduced into the California legislature recently, which shows the confluence of power structure members - legislators and lobbyists - that will extract even more money from homeowners and put it in the pockets of lobbyists. The twin "California Homeowner Association Ombudsman" AB 770 by Gene Mullin (D) and SB 551 by Alan Lowenthal (D) is another example of how homeowners are used as so much fodder for the self-agrandizment of the power structure members. Legislators, in effect, have become the employees of the lobbyists. "Campaign contributions" are in reality wages paid to legislators.
Forcing California Homeowners To Continue Bankrolling A Fraud And State-Sponsored Industry Infomercials [A Letter]
An Opposition to AB 770 - Assemblymember George Mullin's bill to create a Homeowner Association Ombudsman
Dec 9, 2005 by Donie Vanitzian

While you are busy creating yet another government department, the prior governor and ex-lawmaker Gray Davis, and prior judge, industry lobbyist and ex-lawmaker Larry Stirling, who together started the reviled Davis-Stirling Act are both silent on the mess they created for homeowners. Gee, what a surprise! Homeowners meanwhile continue to bankroll the fraud, and State-Sponsored industry Infomercials.
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Homeowners Oppose the Bill
Apr 8, 2005 by AHRC News Services
The following is a letter of opposition to AB 770 (Mullin) that AHRC sent to Assemblyman Gene Mullin and the California lawmakers: Homeowners cannot support an anemic bill. They have endured too much and been patient too long to settle for what they regard as largely a meaningless gesture. Homeowners believe that the industry should be confronted once and for all. Genuine politics involves the use of power to settle problems. Flawed politics allows special interest groups to dominate the day. Sooner or later, the problems of homeowner associations need to be addressed. Homeowners ask "Why not now?"
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Two lawmakers push twin bills to tax homeowners in California homeowner associations [An Article]
SB 551 and AB 770 will tax homeowners to provide government education but not enforcement of homeowner association laws
Apr 8, 2005 by AHRC News Services
On February 29, 2005 Senator Lowenthal and Assemblyman Mullin introduced two placeholder (spot) bills SB 551 (Lowenthal ) and AB 770 (Mullin ) On March 29, and 31st, 2005 both bills were amended at the request of the California Law Revision Commission into two twin bills that will create a new tax on the 7,000,000 Californians who live in homeowner associations.
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