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Does Menifee Need 55+ SCCA Core In A Prime Menifee Location?

As a matter of fact, does SCCA need SCCA in any location?  What benefits do SCCA members get from SCCA? Now that Sun City is Menifee does SC Core really need duplication of three layers of CC&R’s—the County, the city and the 1000’s of SCCA CC&R’s?  As an SCCA member since 1998, I can honestly say I get no benefits from SCCA.  I do get a whole lot of liabilities!Del Web had a great idea way back in the mid ‘60’s when he developed Sun City, an adult only community.  That’s right.  You read it right—AN ADULT ONLY COMMUNITY—AGE 18+ not a 55+ community. (Sun City library used to have book about Sun City’s history. They might still have it.) It’s main source of government was a home owners association with an official list of abundant CC&R’s designed to control its members to what standards the SCCA Board believed they meant. (That was fifty years ago. )

The idea of HOA’s was new, untested, and misunderstood. It seemed like a good idea at the time. HOA’s sprung up everywhere then and today.  A lot has changed since then.  Everyone knows about the horrors of HOA’s. Menifee, an incorporated city didn’t exist then. One could consider SCCA served a valid purpose, then.  Now that Sun City has become Menifee, maybe SCCA has served its purpose and it is time to be dissolved. Menifee is a green and growing city as compared with the ripe and rotten Sun City Core. Menifee is stuck with a 50 year old obsolete, 55+SCCA Core of 4761 units that is now a designated blighted community in a prime location. The Riverside County Board of Supervisors designated Ordinance 885, Sun City Core a blighted area.  What that means to the rest of Menifee is that the SCCA Core depreciates the LOOK and property values of most of the Menifee properties bordering SCCA Core. 

A blighted area designation isn’t necessarily a negative.  It means people can apply for home improvement grants.  A simple drive through the Core will show that almost no one is taking advantage of those grants.   The reality is, that after 50 years of harassing members with various codes enforcement officers citing violations, being fined exorbitant amounts of money, and literally thousands of bitter, painful conflicts with the SCCA Boards and various bully-boy property management companies, Sun City Core  properties are still almost 30% to 50% below market value from the rest of Menifee. Sun City Core needs a major face lift.   Take a look. Sun City Core is tired looking. It is beginning to look like a deteriorated slum neighborhood.  Is this the shabby look that Menifee desires located in what could be Menifee’s magnificent center piece? Many old neighborhoods in the US look great in spite of their 50+ years.  They have gentrified.  SC Core could easily do the same.  The main reason SC Core fails to improve its image is because of the SCCA with all its restrictions literally stops growth.  (There are a few exceptions to this statement. Sadly not enough to make a significant difference). SCCA is actually a detriment to new growth, ideas, and change.  Deed and age restricted titles are the most inferior of all titles because their appreciation is limited to the HOA Boards control.  SCCA Core is ripe for gentrification.  There are plenty of families who would love to buy an old Del Web home to upgrade it to 2014 giving it another 50 years of life.  SCCA Board with its archaic restrictions to age, home improvements, and ridicules codes enforcement make it undesirable to do so.

What person in his right mind would want to invest in a deed restricted community that literally fights progress and has a board with a bully-boy property management company with its hands on your money whose abuse of power is so flagrant it can only be called tyranny!Now there are will be several groups in Menifee, SCCA who will strongly oppose my above statements. They claim there are abundant amenities and benefits members receive from SCCA.  Among their greatest achievements is the SCCA recreation center with two swimming pools, and rooms for hobbies and clubs.  Look at the bottom line.  SCCA has 4,762 residences that pay $297.00 per year in dues.  Out of that number only 10%--I repeat—only 10% actually use those facilities on a regular basis. That means 4286 residences are forced to pay $297 per year so only 476 members to enjoy the facilities.  Thus the minority rules the majority. Many, many members’, who tried to take advantage of the facilities, were rebuffed by the nasty and abusive cronies who regularly use the facility.  They also found the excessive rules and regulations that come with the use of the swimming pools offensive.  “Oh but what about the other benefits members get from SCCA” SCCA Board and its bully-boy property management claim. “WE enforce CC&R’s and maintain high property values.  As already explained above, we all know the proof of their lies about maintaining values is in reality.  So other than a 50 year recreation facility, what benefits do SCCA members receive for their nearly $300 per year dues.

However, the liabilities SCCA members and their non SCCA members suffer are many, abusive.   The only way to put an end to these tyrannical practices is to dissolve SCCA.  When I advocated dissolving SCCA way back in 2005, many bigoted members with political aspirations argued against it on the basis that all that was wrong with SCCA was the board of directors who had served far too long. They believed if some new were on the Board everything would be different and SCCA would become paradise.  The other reason they wanted to keep SCCA—especially the 55+ restriction—was to keep the “bad or low class element of people out of SCCA.”   They did put new people on the board.  They tried different management companies. After all was said and done, it became the same old bad situration.  Titleholders still have a DEED RESTRICTION INFERIOR TITLE. After all was said and done, the quality of life for  SCCAmembers hasn’t improved by a single item.  If anything with the latest new property management company AVALON, it has gotten even more abusive.They were wrong then and they are wrong today.  Fortunately the way Del Web designed Sun City without gates, it will be no problem at all to integrate an SCCA free community too Menifee.

If Menifee is to become the shining city on the hill to the pride and joy of all Menifee SCCA  must be dissolved. SCCA must not be restricted by age, archaic CC&R’s.  It is time for SCCA to fully integrate with the city of Menifee. It must be able to compete in a free market open to all.  It is a process called "gentrification". Only if the core becomes open, free of deed restrictions and competition will quality buyers who invest in SCCA Core properties and transform a "blighted area" into new and gorgeous historic Meinfee neighborhood. 





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