Saturday, April 5, 2014

Do CC&R's Really Maintain High Market Value or Are They Clubs to Bash You

CC&R's are a collection of trivial laws.  Laws are designed as tools to control HOA members under the delusion such control keeps up property values.  CC&R's are tools, traps, hooks, nets, and clubs that justify  bully-boy property management companies authorized by their HOA Boards to control you with the constant threat of fines for debatable violations. The CC&R's of any HOA are specifically designed so abundantly that it is impossible for any member not to be in violation of one or more of the HOA CC&R.  That way they have power over each and every member to use or abuse at their will when they choose to target a member for whatever real or imagined reason.

Supporters of this practice want you to believe it is a great idea to control your neighbor imagining themselves so perfect they will never become a victim of a malicious board.  However, what they don't tell you is that these tools are almost never used objectively.  HOA Boards use them in a retaliatory practice. They subjectively and maliciously target members who oppose or challenge them.  Often or almost always board members are themselves in violation of CC&R's but are forgiven because of the security of their position.

The last thing a property management company desires is an HOA with no violations by any of its members.  There simply is no profit for them in a perfectly compliant membership.  The second item a property management company does not want is an INFORMED MEMBERSHIP.  Knowledge empowers a membership and diminishes the control of their boards and useless property management company.  Therefore it is in your highest and best interest to become informed and remain informed.

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