Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Issues - Sun City, Oppression City, Fear City

Since the mid '70's the residents of Sun City have been living behind an iron shroud of oppression. They have been told by the power players it is needed to protect their property values. For years the SCCA Board of directors have been running Sun City as they pleased with little to no opposition from its membership. The few brave souls who did oppose them were so crushed by the SCCA Board, they never raised a voice in oppostion again. This is why so many seniors live in fear of retaliation if they speak about their abuses.When I realized I could no longer ignore the oppressive action of this board, I knew I would have to find a way to crash through the iron shroud that has hung over the silent and defeated souls of the people of Sun City Core. Something had to come forward to give people hope again. That is when I created SHOUT. It worked and is working.

First, we must stop them from doing this. Second, we must join together in the single purpose of dissolving SCCA. Third, we must dissovle SCCA. It is time seniors stop living in oppression and fear.

Boycott CAI. Boycott CAI.

The CC&R's which control the SCCA Core are 45 years old. They are obsolete and in conflict with twentyfirst century life style. The CC&r's as they have been written are contradictory, vague, trivial, and left to interpretation of whomever? They have become a bone of contention among residents, and cause conflicts betweem members and the SCCA. The codes enforcement officer, Donald Miller, has used his position to excessively harass, intimidate and otherwise abuse the senior residents over alleged violations. Donald Miller abuses his power with the complete approval and support of the board.

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