Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Lawyer Liabilities of HOAs • Appellate Judges Reverse Case

NEWS TODAY: September 6, 2006

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THE 'L' WORD [An Editorial]
Exorbitant lawyer fees and HOA "L"aden "L"iabilities can quickly erode your home equity, and any sense of "home sweet home"

Sep 5, 2006 by Ann Roth

The HOA "L"awyers can garner control of insecure homeowner boards, making them feel important, and leading them to believe that they must act in a certain way or else, they will be "L"iable. This faux fear they put upon the individual board members helps to "L"ine the lawyer's pockets. Research an HOA lawyer/law firm's history of "L"itigation and "L"egislation and carefully analyze whether it is homeowner friendly or corporation friendly. Find out if your HOA lawyer/law firm is affiliated with any HOA related vendor or "L"obby groups like the CAI, CACM, or ECHO. IF at all feasible - selling and getting out of a neighbor controlled corporate fiefdom "counseled" by litigation lovin' lawyers, is probably the safer investment decision in terms of risk assessment. Exorbitant lawyer fees coupled with HOA "L"aden "L"iabilities can quickly erode your equity, and any sense of "home sweet home" you thought you were buying into.

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